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He's left his wife and children here
    To answer heaven's call-
A sweet and gentle kind old man
    The dearest dad of all.
He raised his sons and daughters, too,
    So they could make their way
His work is done, the battle won
    And rest at last he may.
We'll miss him so because we know
    He lies beneath the sod
But he shall rest, and this we know
    Within the arms of God.
Marilyn Sanofsky
Always kind to us was father,
    Always good and brave and true.
Though his tasks were often heavy,
    He would always see them through.
Never craved for fame or fortune,
    Never sought the spotlight's glare;
Always working, sacrificing,
    Never failed to do his share
Now he's resting up in Heaven,
    In that blessed land above;
Where there is no pain nor sorrow,
    Only joy and peace and love.
H. Howard Biggar
Rest father in your last long sleep
    Your life will still go on.
Your deeds of love will bear rich fruit,
    Long after you are gone.
Home was to you a sacred place,
    Where you could play your part;
Where you could bear your daily cares
    With sympathetic heart.
So let us wipe away all tears.
    And all our burdens share,
Knowing that we'll meet again,
    In Heaven above-so fair.
H. Howard Biggar
He leaves his children all alone,
    Without a Father's care
And only memories are left,
    The home seems bleak and bare.
He's sleeping in the last long sleep,
    Yet love can never die;
And we who mourn will gain new hope,
    As days pass slowly by.
For God who cares for all his own,
    Has taken him away,
To dwell in that eternal land,
    Where all is perfect day.
H. Howard Biggar
He's just at rest-our brother dear,
    Just quietly at rest,
Let not this parting bring us fear,
    For God knows what is best.
Yes, he has left us for a time-
    But to him we will go-
And learn from God's own love sublime
    The things He'd have us know.
For He who rules with love divine,
    And begs us faith to hold
Can bring us safely over the line-
    Yes, safely to His fold.
Margriet Gilkison
He calls His own from sweat and tears,
    And bids them rest with Him.
He lays a hand upon their brow
    When kindly eyes grow dim,
He welcomes them to peace and rest,
    And bids our sorrow end,
For at the Heavenly Home this guest-
    Kind angels oft' attend.
It is a call that comes from high,
    It is God's plan today-
For him we love, for him we cry-
    Yet could not bid him stay.
Margriet Gilkison
A mother grieves that he has gone.
    His child will grieve as well.
He leaves to find the sacred Land
    Where he will always dwell.
He's found a peace that we on earth
    Shall never know until
We follow as he travels on
    According to God's will.
His memory shall always live
    Embedded in our soul
And yet we know within our hearts
    That he has reached his goal.
Marilyn Sanofsky
A wife shall mourn the loss of him-
    The husband she has loved-
He leaves their home on earth to find
    Another one above.
Her heart will grieve with passing days
    That her great love is lost-
She always stood beside him here
    No matter what the cost.
Though she shall miss his loving ways-
    His kind and happy face-
She needn't worry lest he'll want
    For God will take her place.
Marilyn Sanofsky
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